What Chess Set Do Pros Use? A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Chess Sets

Are you tired of using a flimsy chess set that constantly tips over? Do you want to level up your chess game and play like a pro? One of the first steps is investing in a high-quality chess set. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this article, we’ll explore the different styles of chess sets and what sets the pros are to use.

Types of Chess Sets

There are many types of chess sets, each with unique features and styles. Some of the most popular include:

Wooden Sets: 

Wooden Chess Set

These chess sets are classic and timeless and are often the preferred choice of serious players. They come in various materials, including rosewood, walnut, and maple, and range in price from budget-friendly to expensive.

Tournament Chess Sets: 

Tournament Chess Sets
Tournament Chess Sets

A tournament chess set is a must if you plan on participating in chess tournaments. These sets are typically plastic and are will meet tournament regulations. They are often inexpensive and lightweight, making them easy to transport.

Roll-Up Vinyl Sets: 

Roll-Up Vinyl Sets:
Roll-Up Vinyl Sets:

Vinyl chess sets are a great option for those who are looking for a portable and affordable option. These sets are manufacturers typically use vinyl materials and often come with a carrying case, making them easy to store and transport. They are a popular choice for casual players and those who want a set for travel or on-the-go play.

Theme Sets: 

Consider a theme set if you’re looking for something a little more unique. These sets come in various medieval, fantasy, and historical themes and make a great conversation piece.

Smart Chess Boards: 

For those who want to take their chess game to the next level, a smart chess board may be the way to go. These boards have technology that can keep track of the game, record moves, and even provide suggestions for your next move. They are an excellent choice for serious players who want to improve their game and analyze their performance.

What Chess Set Do Pros Use?

When it comes to professional chess players, the type of chess set they use will depend on the tournament and the rules. However, many top players prefer a high-quality wooden set, such as the Staunton style. This classic design features pieces with distinct features, making it easier for players to identify the pieces on the board.

Some of the most popular and expensive chess boards used by professional players include:

  • The World Chess Championship Set: You will see the set bunch the World Chess Championship, and it consists of high-quality materials, including rosewood and ebony.
  • The House of Staunton Chess Set: This set may be the finest chess set in the world and is used by many top players. It consists of high-quality wood and features intricate details.
  • The Chess Sets by Jaques of London: These sets are of the finest materials used by many top players in chess clubs and tournaments.

In addition to the chess set, professional players also use chess clocks, which keep track of the time each player has to make their moves. The most popular type of chess clock is the DGT Easy Plus, which is used in many tournaments and chess clubs.


What type of chess set should I buy for my chess club?

If you’re looking for a set to use in a chess club, a wooden set is a great option. A high-quality wooden set, such as the House of Staunton, is a timeless choice that will be appreciated by all club members.

Are expensive chess sets worth the investment?

If you’re serious about playing chess and want a set that will last for many years, an expensive chess set is a worthwhile investment. These sets are of high-quality materials and are built to last. You won’t have to replace them as often as cheaper sets. Additionally, the extra attention to detail and craftsmanship in an expensive group can make your chess-playing experience more enjoyable.

Can I use a tournament chess set for casual play?

Yes, you can use a tournament chess set for casual play. However, remember that these sets are designed to meet specific tournament regulations. They may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a wooden set. If you’re looking for a set to use for both casual play and tournaments, a high-quality wooden set is a good choice.


When choosing a chess set, the options can be overwhelming. However, a high-quality wooden set is an excellent choice if you’re serious about your game. Professional players’ most popular sets include the World Chess Championship Set, the House of Staunton Chess Set, and the Chess Sets by Jaques of London. Additionally, many top players use chess clocks to keep track of their time during games. No matter what type of chess set you choose, make sure it is high quality and meets your needs as a player. So, what chess set do pros use? They use a combination of the most suitable sets for their needs, including wooden sets, tournament sets, and more.

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